The story

A group of farm-workers that formed a coalition and began a grassroots movement to get the biggest names in the American food industry to change how they do business. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has been campaigning to raise the living wage for farm-workers, improve on-the-job conditions, and add their struggle to the conversation of food sustainability.

The Tour

Following the completion of the doc, the filmmakers (Ernie Zahn, Ron Williams, and Jose Duarte) took the project on the road for a college and community tour. The goal being to showcase what the CIW is fighting for and provide a glimpse into what these farm-workers do to bring food to our table. Screenings would be accompanied by lectures, Q&A sessions, and seminars to discuss what we can do as consumers to effect the tomato industry as it stands today. Here are some of the schools and institutions we have screened and lectured:


Where to Watch?

The film is now available for free online to view. Please follow this link to watch the entire film: Fair Tomatoes. If you think it's worth sharing then we absolutely encourage it. We make the film available for free so we can reach as many people as possible. 


Request a Screening

Though the film is now available online we can provide a DVD or higher quality digital copy for use at your school or institution. The makers of the film are also available for booking to discuss the project and the issue of sustainability as it applies to food justice. See below for the screening form. 

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