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Media Manager @ Creative Startups
Fellow and Artist Educator @ Filmmakers Without Borders

I'm an explorer. Sometimes that can be a conventional truth and sometimes it's a figurative truth. I have an insatiable hunger for discovery and nothing pleases me more than to report back to you, with my findings, in the abstracted form of cinema. Like the orphaned child who transforms into a comic book vigilante, my origin story is very cliché; complete with backyard movies on my Super 8 camera, trial and error with my besties, that first black and white silent short...the whole nine. How and where I began is far less important to me than where I am going. As a teeny-bopper the first thing I learned is that you need to create your own opportunities, so I started projects to showcase my directorial and cinematography skills. It was in the process of self-produced works that I realized I was for more passionate about souring the right talent, facilitating a creative environment, taking care of my artists, and completing something we can all be proud of. Instead of operating the helm I learned that I was the captain; leading the away team, taking the hits, standing up for my principles, protecting my crew. And yes I would wear the Star Trek uniform on set if I could pull it off. I'm a delusional creature and my lot in life is to delight you with my delusions. Let's do good things together!   


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A Fordham University Alum, Ron was honored to return as a guest lecturer for a film he co-directed, ‘Fair Tomatoes.’ His polymathic career includes talents in filmmaking, martial arts, culinary arts, and he is a certified Sommelier. Ron and I often work together on comedy projects and we are actively developing scripted fiction film projects.  

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Pauly Denetclaw is a Diné journalist from Manuelito, NM She is Haltsooi (Meadow People) born for Kinyaa’áanii (Towering House People). A Knight-CUNYJ Journalism Fellow, Richard LaCourse Award winner, she is currently a reporter for the Navajo Times in Window Rock. Pauly co-directed ‘Walking the Healing Path.’

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As the chef / owner of Taranta Restaurant in Boston’s historic north end, Jose has been dedicated to pushing the definition of what it means to be a restaurateur. His innovative Peruvian-Italian menu has earned international recognition, he’s introduced dozens of solutions to reduce Taranta’s carbon footprint, and he began his work in food justice as a producer for ‘Fair Tomatoes.'

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Published in both the US and Europe, Sarah’s creative narrative explores the migrant’s vulnerable story of upheaval and hope. Sarah specializes in brand identity, portraiture, and illustrations. She also is drawn to art and artists that serve as a vehicle to promote social justice; which she explored as producer of ‘The Corrugated Universe.’