How Does The Fellowship Support this Film?

  • Equipment-Filmmakers Without Borders provides the production with a full equipment kit including a laptop, camera, mics, and other essentials.

  • Festival Fees-They cover the cost of application fees for five film festivals of the production’s choice.

  • Consulting-The production has access to a host of talented filmmakers and storytellers available for consulting and feedback for the betterment of the film. 

How Can We Make the Film So Inexpensively?
There have been many productions that have successfully realized the film’s vision in the sub $20,000 range. Often times this is due to the minimalist approach to the story or the the fact that film has the benefit of in-kind production elements. Between the ranch, the horses, and the other in-kind that the production has received much of the typical costs associated with a  production have been answered. This boils things down to the bare essentials, which is what we're here to raise funds for.  

On Art and Social Agency
A primary goal of the artists in this production is to tie social agency and change to all that we do as artists. It's not meant to be a supplement. We are always thinking creatively about how we can make this not so much a part of what we do but what we do. With your support we can make that possible.  

Can't Contribute?
No worries! We understand that not everyone can contribute. If you've made it this far down the page then we thank you for taking the time to hear our pitch! If you think this film is worthy of support then we'd absolutely love it. A great way to help would be to share this campaign on social media and among your friends and whomever you think might be interested in it.

Thank you so much for reading and or watching our video. Feel free to track this campaign to find out about the progress we're making with raising funds and making this film possible!